Scientific Name
Merluccius hubbsi

Hake (in Latin Merluccius, 《sea pike》, due to its resemblance to the freshwater carnivorous fish) is the common name of several marine fish of the gadiformes order. These fish carry out two types of migrations: one of a daily nature, ascending during the night to the upper layers of the sea to feed and descending during the day, and another seasonal type migration, related to the reproductive cycle of each species.

Hake is offered in the following varieties

Hake fillet: unclassified with skin.
Hake skinless, few bones, unclassified.
- skinless, few bones, classified or unclassified
- skinless, boneless, classified or unclassified
Hake HG (headless and gutless)
Hake HGT (headless, gutless and tailless)

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